Knowing where to place your money in this market is critical. Let Seidfield Realty schedule time to talk to you about how to make your money work for you!

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  • House hacking: Leverage your primary residence or multi-unit property to generate rental income and offset your living costs.

  • Fix and flip: we guide you through the process of purchasing, renovating, and reselling properties for profit. We provide insights on selecting the right properties, budgeting for renovations, and effective marketing strategies.

  • Buy and hold: build long-term wealth through purchasing and holding properties for rental income and appreciation.

  • Private money lending: create connections between private lenders and investors in need of financing for their real estate projects.

  • Property consultation: Providing in-depth property assessments, including analysis of location, condition, and potential ROI.

  • Financing and mortgages: Assisting clients in finding and securing the best financing options for their real estate investments, with expertise in traditional mortgages, hard money loans, and other alternative lending sources.

  • 1031 exchanges: Offering guidance and support in executing 1031 exchanges, allowing you to defer capital gains tax on the sale of investment properties.

"Seidfield helped me connect my house to incredible tenants with such efficiency. If you’re looking for a company that’ll be there to answer all your questions and work tirelessly for you then look no further because Seidfield ticks all those boxes and more!

I'm looking forward to continue to do all my future business with Seidfield."

- Oscar Castillo, happy client

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