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Jesse Breidor

A little about Jesse

I am an agent with a background in sales management and a track record for being creative.

Admittedly, I am laser-focused on what I attach my name to.

Maybe that notion comes all the way back from my second-grade teacher, Miss Stephano, who told me not to hand anything in with my name on it unless it was ready!

Just those few words consistently remind me of the importance of double – and sometimes triple checking my work.

Earning my high school diploma in 2007, I immediately went into business management when given a very unique opportunity to work for Verizon during the dawn of the smartphone era.

Skipping out on my degree was probably the smartest decision I’ve ever made, as it’s allowed me time to gather much needed experience in the business world from an early age.

Surround yourself with the proper people – and you will truly find the happiness we all ultimately seek.

Eagerly stealing my attention when I’m not behind my desk are my pets: Mr. Terry Tibbs the Tegu, Queen Ramses the albino Boa, Grim the Rattlesnake & Groudon (aka The Big Guy) the Savannah Monitor.

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